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The screw compactor is ideal for reducing the volume of dry and recyclable waste such as packaging, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood (boxes, pallets).
The screw shape, conical and with variable pitch, performs break-up, conveyance and compacting action on the material inside the box. Movement is rotary and continuous. A transducer detects power
intake of the electric motor and controls clockwise and anti-clockwise screw rotation through the PLC in the electric panel.
Crushing of the material and high thrust generated by the screw assure achieving a high compression ratio compared to conventional compactors, thus obtaining high loads.

PLANETARY GEAR UNIT. Movement is transmitted by planetary gear unit: the most suitable choice for all applications involving impacts and overloading.
Planetary mechanical transmission makes it possible to use 3 gears “in parallel”, thus distributing the torque on several teeth at the same tine, resulting in a compact device suitable for this application.

Transmission takes place by means of pinion and gear wheel pair, directly achieved on the supporting turntable. It makes it possible to transmit high torques and assures full reversibility of the turntable’s rotation movement without causing backlash or undesirable oscillations typical of chain systems that require effective tensioners.