Air Relief Valves with Four Functions AS-B-200


Ductile Iron

GGG40-GGG50 DIN1693/EN1563

Floater: External: Polycetal

Middle: Polycetal

Internal: Polypropylene

Sealing Ring EPDM
Bend Polypropylene


1η phase: The 2 floaters work together during the filling and emptying of the network.

2η phase: When the middle floater comes in contact with the water, it starts rising and as the water comes up, the floater rises to to top and the air valve closes tightly. The first phase is terminated.

3η phase: The internal floater is moving to release the vaporised air.

4η phase:   Adjustability of the rising speed of the middle flaoter at the 2nd phase

Technical review


  • Threaded: 1”, 2”, 3”.
  • Flanged: DN50 έως DN100

Working Pressure PN10, PN16
Working Temperature: -10oC up to +80oC