AC Capacitors

TRV Capacitors

  • Used in combination with Circuit Breakers (CB) to reduce the transient overvoltage that can happen during switching operations > Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) Capacitor
  • High customization range to match CB mechanical and electrical parameters
  • High mechanical resistance to shock and vibration due to CB‘s switching operation


Coupling Capacitor (CC)

  • Suitable for Line Traps installation on the top of CCs
  • Coupling and de-coupling of HF-signals to the power line
  • Connecting of line fault locators
  • A CC supplied with an electromagnetic unit is called CVT and is used to provide voltage for metering and protection applications
  • Available from 24 kV up to 500 kV
  • High capacitance values (up to 500 nF)
  • Low inductance design
  • Oil insulation
  • Composite or Porcelain insulator
  • Available in compliance with all world international standards
  • High mechanical resistance to Static force:
    • due to Line Trap application on the top
    • dynamic: due to short circuit current on HV network