General features of KDM series Vacuum type road sweeper machines with gearbox actuating fan system;

Different size of vacuum type road sweepers from 3,5 cubic meters to 9,5 cubic meters can install to suitable truck chassis.
Standard 115 Hp Auxiliary Engine generate enough power for vacuuming. 115 Hp Engine can generate necessary power with the optimum rpm with low noise level and fuel saving.
A stainless steel water tank with a 10% slope at the bottom of the hopper gives great advantage to slip away garbage.
Fiber doors on both size give easy access to the auxiliary engine in case of maintenance or break down.
Easy to understand and user friendly control panel give advantage to the operator to control whole system.


Hopper volume 3,5 m³
Payload volume 3 m³
Payload capacity 1 – 2 tons (chassis dependent)
Water tank 1.100 lt. Stainless Steel (AISI304) Integrated with hopper
Hydraulic reservoir 60 lt.
Brand – Model Tumosan 4DT-41T-115C
Cubic Capacity 4,1 lt.
Number of cylinders 4
Type Liquid cooled diesel
Power 115 hp / 86 kW @ 2.300 rpm
Torque 405 Nm @ 1.500 rpm
Emission EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3A
Operational RPM Ideal 1.500 – 1.600 rpm
Cold Start Capacity – 15 C°
Chassis requirement 6 – 7 tons
Wheelbase 3.300 – 3.500 mm
Dump height 950 mm Standard and chassis dependent
Dump angle 50° ± 5°
Door opening angle 90° ± 5°
Filter mesh area 1,1 m²
Dust spray pump output 20 lt / 100 bar (piston pump / piston pompası)
Hydraulic pump displacement 16,8 cc / rev
Sweeping speed 0 – 16 km / h
Hopper construction Welded plain steel (stainless steel optional)
Dumping Hydraulic to rear
Type Heavy duty, dynamically balanced impeller with multivane corrosion resistance blades
Design Whisper wheel fan system
Operation speed In between variable 2.800 – 3.500 rpm
Drive Fluid coupling or dry clutch gearbox
Gearbox ratio 1,8 : 1
Construction Stainless Steel AISI304
Housing liner Optional
Side brush Ø 320 mm – 200 rpm Hydraulic motor driven
Middle brush Ø 400 mm – 160 rpm Hydraulic motor driven
Nozzle diameter Ø 250 mm
Nozzle wheel diameter Ø 250 mm
Nozzle width 750 mm
Sweeping width 2.150 mm
Dual suction sweeping width 3.400 mm
Raised hopper warning
Auxiliary engine hour control
Low level water indicator
Engine tachograph meter
Control monitoring system
Wander house with boom and trunking excess 4 meters long
High pressure washing system (30 lt / 200 bar)
Variable and adjustable side brush speed
Variable side brush positioning system
Simultaneous dual suction