2291 Contacting Radar (TDR)

With its ability to read accurately when other non-contacting or invasive methods fail, the guided level transmitter type 2291 using GWR (guided wave radar) is the solution to your level needs.
The radar signal is sent down the probe assembly eliminating the interferences caused by low dielectric liquids, heavy fuming, slightly conductive foams, internal tank obstructions, etc. By focusing its energy along the probe, the type 2291 can be installed in tanks with limited space.
The type 2291 is also less sensitive to turbulence that would normally upset the readings in ultrasonic and unguided radar technologies.

• General – Challenging tank applications where other non-contacting principles fail e.g. ultrasonic or unguided radar
• Chemical Process Industry – Storage of solvents, chlorine or ammonia, level detection in reaction vessels or buffer tanks
• Water Treatment – Pumping stations, sludge handling, drain level monitoring, drinking water conditioning vessels


  • Display: LCD
  • Sensor Type: SS316/DIN 1.4571, rope/rod