2285 Float Switch, NO/NC, PP body

The 2285 level float switch is suitable for level switching of various liquids, sewage in shafts, tanks, basins or cisterns. The double-chambered float is made of injection moulded tough polypropylene that ensures good waterproof protection.

The contacting microswitch is incorporated in the float. The cable of the level switch is absolutely waterproof and PVC insulated. Different control tasks such as liquid level monitoring and pump control can be realized. It is mercury-free contact and suitable for level switching of drinking water, raw water or polluted liquids with low solid content.

The level switching is done when the contact reaches the ±45° switching angle. The switching differential of the level switch is adjustable by the position of the counterweight on the cable. The level switches should be arranged appropriately in case of multilevel switching tasks to avoid undesired tangling of the cables.


  • Microswitch: SPDT 250V AC, 3A NO/NC
  • Sensor body: PP
  • Ingress Protection: IP 68
  • Switching Angle: 45°
  • Separate counterweight