2280 WHG Vibration fork switch

2280 WHG vibrating fork switches are light and very compact point level switches. As an overfill protection they contribute to both the protecting of the environment and the operational safety. In use as dry-run protection the 2280 WHG prevents expensive damages to pumps.
The vibrating fork switch has an integrated microprocessor which undertakes a constant self-monitoring of the functionality.
Furthermore it guarantees always a safe usage through a fail-safe circuit.
Approved according to the WHG guidelines, the 2280 WHG is the decisive component in a professional overfill protection of tanks, which are covered by the Water Resources Act.
The wide temperature- and pressure range makes the 2280 WHG to a cost-effective safeguard for a variety of applications.
Besides the point level detection the 2280 WHG is also excellently suitable for leak detection in double-walled pipes or tanks.

During the operation a piezoelectric crystal sets the fork ends in vibration. The electronics monitor changes in the frequency permanently. As soon as the forks come into contact with a liquid, the vibration is damped. This difference in frequency is detected and the state of te output is changed accordingly.