014-00 Safety / pressure retention valve

The relieving or retention pressure of the safety / pressure retention valve is infinitely adjustable via the pilot valve between 2-12 bar. Any excessive system pressure is relieved via the main valve opening quickly. Closing is effected slowly to avoid water hammers.

– Protection of the system from overpressure (safety valve)
– Maintaining the preset mains system pressure in the upstream piping network (pressure retention valve)

Minimum inlet pressure: 1 bar
Minimum pressure difference between inlet and outlet pressure: 1 bar

For rating, please specify the following:
– Flow (min., med., max.)
– Inlet pressure (P1 side)
– Retention pressure and/or relieving pressure (P2 side)
– Holding pressure / back pressure

1: main valve
2: ball valve (A, B)
3: filter
4: orifice
5: throttle check valve
6: pilot valve
7: manometer with ball valve
8: optical position indicator with vent plug (option: electric position indicator, opening limiter)