Supply of 209 pcs distribution transformer for OSHEE

Year of Execution

Final Beneficiary

Funding Institution

Total Value Of The Project
1,400,000 Euro

This project consists in the supply of 209 pcs of distribution transformers for OSHEE branch in Shkodra.

Distribution transformers were integrated in electrical cabinets in order to fulfil the electricity need for the region of Shkodra.

The supplied equpments included :

-Power transformers 50-250 kVA 6/0.4kV cu/cu

– Power transformers 50-630 kVA 10/0.4kV cu/cu

– Power Transformer 250kVA 20/10/0.4kV al/al

– Power Transformer 400 – 630 kVA 20/10/0.4kV cu/cu

– Power Transformer 250kVA 20/0.4kV cu/cu

– Power Transformer 400-630

kVA 20/0.4kV al/al