Blvd. Deshmoret e Kombit; Twin Towers, Tower 2, Floor 5/1; Tirana, Albania


Inert Products

Inert Products: a) Sand b) Granulated stone Produced by the Italian luxury brand plant Crifi with 80mᶾ /h capacity. Owns the Italian luxury brand plant Crifi with 80mᶾ /h capacity


Concrete produced of different brands. The machineries that are in out disposal, produce special concretes for difficult labor conditions. Our concrete machineries  with mixer guarantee a concrete of high quality.


Various categories of asphalt: Conglomerate, Binder and Asphalt (carpet) The Modern computerized production system guarantees a product in accordance with the terms of the European Community. Also, the factory based on its technology, can produce asphalt with fiber. We guarantee our product quality and durability.